DIY-Super Easy Yet Incredibly Useful Home Hacks

Introduction: DIY-Super Easy Yet Incredibly Useful Home Hacks

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Living in a dwelling that you don't own can have a lot of benefits. Your life is more flexible and the management company will most likely take care of maintenance for you. However, it can also be stressful when you think you're going to lose your security deposit because you broke, scratched or lost something.
Never fear! These easy DIY tips will help you restore your apartment or house or all of its former glory. They're all relatively inexpensive and you can use items you have around the house.
Hacks makes Life living Super Easy.
So Lets get started..!

Step 1: in Case You Scratched Any Furniture.

To remove the scratches from your lovely furniture, we will take help from the natural things like WALNUT.

  • Rub a Walnut over your scratches on furniture and you will surprise to see that they all are gone.

Step 2: Is Your Door Slams While Shuting Use Rubber Bands

In many case while we close or shut the doors it creates annoying sound that only disturb. So in that case use Soft rubber Bands to get rid of them.
Super Easy.:)

Step 3: Is Your Pan or Any Cast Iron Skillets Roasted With Your Meal.

Try using coarse salt to remove black rosted sticky things. This will help in removing such stains from the pan and Easy to Clean them.;)

Step 4: Is Your Screw Groves Are Dead-Use Rubber Bands

Some screws groves goes dead if we use them many times by screwing and unscrewing them.
Now even screw driver dont helps,so in this case put a rubber band on the screw and move on.:)

Step 5: Is Your Couch's Pillows Looking Flat

While often using pillows they gets flaten and irritates while putting our heads on them.
So put them outside into the sun Rays for about 30-40 minutes. They will automatically take their shape .
Super Easy.;)

Step 6: Is Your Surround Place Stinks-Use Fragnance Tissue on Table Fan

If you want to Freshen up the place without using a any aerosol sprays like room freshners. This super Easy hack will provide air as well as fresh and moody fragnance.
Stay Fresh.;)

Step 7: Is Your Wi-Fi Signal Are Weak

To increase wifi signals at your home or any the place where you use your internet via wifi.
Cut a soda CAN vertically and put it at the back of wifi Antenna.
Silver side should facing the anteena.
Super Easy.;)
And there are lots of hacks that can be used with your imagination, use them and live well.

Hope you like my instructable.

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