DIY Swamp Cooler

Introduction: DIY Swamp Cooler

Our names our Adam, Will, and James. We are 8th grade students and were tasked with solving a real life problem by misusing items around the house. We decided to make a homemade swamp cooler to chill a room as it is very hot outside.

Step 1: Materials

What you will need to create the swamp cooler:

2 plastic cups

Duct tape

A mini box fan

A sponge

A Tupperware container

A Gatorade top

Hot glue gun

X - Acto knife

Small wooden supports

Construction paper

Ice Water!

Step 2: Cut/drill Holes in the Plastic Cups

To cut the holes in the plastic we used X-ACTO knives but you could easily do it with a small drill. We also used the knife to cut a hole big enough to hold a Gatorade top so that we can pour in the ice water.

Step 3: Tape the Cups Together

The next step is to duct tape the two cups together. Make sure to line up the holes so that the water drips evenly. Make sure they are facing different ways as seen in the picture.

Step 4: Put the Gatorade Top on and Sponge in

For the next step hot glue the Gatorade top on to the top of the hole in the cup. After that place a small piece of sponge in the bottom cup so that it can absorb some of the water.

Step 5: Place Tupperware Under Cups and Attach Wooden Supports

Next step is to place a Tupperware container with no lid on the ground. Hot glue the small wooden supports to each side of the container. Then attach the cups to the supports via hot glue and more duct tape. Make sure to use a good amount of tape to secure.

Step 6: Create a Funnel on the Fan

Using the construction paper, create a funnel for the fan. Duct tape the construction paper together and to the fan. Make sure the end has a large enough opening to be sure that more air can get out.

Step 7: Finally..

At last you have completed the homemade swamp cooler. All you have to do is test it. Add ice water through the Gatorade top and twist it back on. Turn on the fan and let the water drip down. Now you have cold air for the room!

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