DIY Swim Top




By: Shelby Barton

Step 1: Materials

1 bra 1/2 yard or 1 yard of material Sewing machine/ Thread Reynolds Freezer Paper

Step 2: Trace & Cut

Trace and outline each cup on to the freezer paper. Then you want to cut out what you just traced.

When you cut keep in mind that need to allow for about a 1/4" extra margin of material to be able to fold over and sew onto the bra.

Step 3: Cut Out the Material

Place the outline that you just cut out over your material then cut out the material to the shape.

Step 4: Side Straps

Now you need to outline and cut out the side straps that go around your sides and hook in back.

Once you get these cut out then you can pin it to the cut out that you did for the pads. Once you have the two ends pinned together than you can sew along and connect them together.

Step 5: Pin and Sew

Now that you have the material cut out for the bra you need to take the
material and pin it to the top edge of each pad with the inside of the material (the side that you do not want to show when you are all done) facing out. That way when you are done sewing along the top of the bra you can flip the material over and the right side will be showing on the outside of the bra.

Step 6: Connecting Material to Bra

Once you flip the material over (right-side out) then you can pin the rest of the material to the bra and then sew the material onto the bra.

Step 7: Final - Swim Top

Once you have completely sewn all the material onto the bra, you have your end product. Your own, personalized swim top! Easy peasy (:

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    4 years ago

    I'm liking the idea of this ;) I have a few bras I normally won't wear, but as a swim top the would be awesome. I would add extra material to create more of a top than just a bikini (I love bikinis, but not the burn I get over exposed skin lol).


    4 years ago on Introduction

    very good technique, it makes a change from flimsy tops that lose their shape after the first dip! thank you for sharing!

    If look to the upper right, there ought to be an orange button that says "Vote!". That's the signal that any Instructable is entered in a contest. Looks like you're in the Swimwear Contest! I voted for you.

    This was my exact problem that I had when I began this.. I can not just go and buy a top at retail stores that fits how I want it to without a lack of support or coverage.

    So I resorted to taking a change and making my own out of an old bra that fit exactly how I wanted it to!