DIY T-Shirt Bag (No Sew!)

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Intro: DIY T-Shirt Bag (No Sew!)

Supplies needed to make bag:



Step 1:

Cut both sleeves off on both sides of the shirt, the t-shirt can be long sleeved or short sleeved. Tank tops are possible to use but for the best I used a short sleeved shirt. :)

Step 2:

Then cut off the stitching's from the neck part of the t-shirt.

Step 3:

Flip the t-shirt inside out. After that cut off the stitching's from the bottom part of the t-shirt.

Step 4:

Next cut about finger length strips lined across the bottom, each strip should be about 2 or 3 cm wide. Cut strips on both sides of the t-shirt.

Step 5:

Tie a pair of strips together, the pairs should be together when cut. Tie the pairs two times so the product will be sturdy, if you want a very strong bag to hold heavy weighted objects. Then tie as much knots as needed for each pair. The more the better!!!

Step 6:

After you tied the pairs altogether, tie a pair of knotted strips to a next door pair of knotted strips.

Step 7:

When finished tying, flip the t-shirt around. Then you are finished! The product is complete, remember to not carry VERY HEAVY things in the bag or else the straps or the knots will become lose or will break apart.

I am so sorry but the picture I took of my bag when it was finished, had the stitching's on the outside! I am so very sorry but I forgot to flip my t-shirt around before cutting the strips! SO remember before cutting the strips, turn the t-shirt around or else the stitching's will be on the outside showing when you flip your t-shirt BACK around!



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    4 Discussions

    Sophie Chuen

    2 years ago

    Thank you for all your nice and warming comments!


    2 years ago

    Your first Instructable! Yay! Great job!

    Penolopy Bulnick

    2 years ago

    Great project! I love that it doesn't require sewing :)