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Introduction: DIY - T-shirt With a Lovely Bow

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Cute, simple and easy to do! I'm sure you have a piece of fabric there, this is a good idea to recycle a t-shirt a don´t throw away any piece of fabric.

You will need:
1 T-shirt
Any type of fabric: could be jersey, cotton or chiffon
Sewing Machine

And Creativity :) Good Luck!!

Make sure to watch the video ;)

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Step 1: First Step

Picture #2 and Picture #3: Choose a t-shirt and a piece of fabric, combine you favorites colors! 

                                                Elige una camiseta y un retazo de tela, combina los colores que más te gustan!

Picture #4 and Picture #5:  Measure the width and length according to the t-shirt

                                                 Mide el ancho y largo de acuerdo a la camiseta

Step 2: Second Step

Picture #6 and Picture #7: Cut the fabric with the measurements, fold and pin 

Picture #8: Sew all the sides and leave one open to turn the fabric

                     Cose todos los lados menos uno por donde debes dar la vuelta la tela

Picture #9 and Picture #10 #11: Here you can see the one side I didn't sew

                                                          Aquí puedes ver el lado que no cosi para dar vuelta

Picture #12:  Then sew that last part

                        Luego cose esa última parte

Step 3: Third Step

Picture #13 and Picture #14: To contrast cut a little piece of fabric to make the bow 

                                                     Para hacer contraste corta un pedazo de tela negra y así lograr el moño

Picture #15 and Picture #16: Sew the black fabric and  tight it as a bow

                                                    Cose la tela negra y coloca luego creando el moño

Picture #17 #18 #19: Last step, sew by hand the bow on to the t-shirt

                                       Como último paso cose a mano el moño a la camiseta

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    Sew-per Girl
    Sew-per Girl

    7 years ago on Step 3

    So fun!! And I have to say, I love your hair cut! :)