DIY TARDIS Shoes! (Keds Comfy!)

Introduction: DIY TARDIS Shoes! (Keds Comfy!)

About: Hi! My name is Amelia, I live in New Jersey and I'm in high school and I am the biggest nerd ever! I love superheroes, comics, Comi-Con, Doctor Who, ANYTHING NERDY! I love to make nerdy crafts! This year for...

Okay. So my Keds were blue but they were not the correct blue I wanted! I have a TARDIS dress and a headpiece I'm planning on wearing to comi-con. I thought...I need awesome shoes! I did see an Instuctable on wearing TARDIS heels, but your walking ALL DAY at comi-con! I need Comfy shoes! No one likes even standing in heels! That's why I decided to make my Keds into Doctor Who TARDIS shoes! Doctor Who and comfy-ness, BEST COMBO EVER!

Step 1: Unlace the Shoes!

Make sure the shoelaces are white so it matches your TARDIS outfit!

Step 2: Painting the Shoes!

Use a nice bright blue to match the TARDIS or the correct blue to match your outfit! If your shoes are not blue or white then paint them white FIRST before your put the blue on so the blue will look nice and factory made! Use spray paint or acrylic paint! If using spray paint, do this outside or else your entire apartment or house will smell like spray paint! (I used spray paint myself because that's what I had in the basement:)) if u used a lot and it looks uneven, just rub in the paint a little bit! You will get paint on your fingers but it washes off or you could wear rubber gloves!

Step 3: Double Check Your Painting!

Did you get all the edges? Did u get the sides? Did you get the tongue of the shoes? Is it even? Remember your paint will dry darker than the paint looks. So Make it look bright so when it dries it will be the shade if the TARDIS!


Remember! That your paint doesn't have to be perfect on the tongue because your laces will be blocking them! YOUR DOING GREAT. Let it dry for about how ever long it needs to be for how much paint you use and what type of paint!
(I used Painters Touch spray paint and it took about three hours to dry)

Step 5: Paint on the White Box

It's pretty self explanatory. Use a white acrylic paint with a square tipped brush and just make a white box!

Step 6: Get the Words On!

I was going to use fabric paint but that wasn't working so I used a paint pen! They are amazing! And they write so beautifully! I have a Doctor Who pillow and I used it as my reference! Make sure to Write EVERYTHING in capital letters. No lower case letters on or in TARDIS!

Step 7: Lace Them Up! (Almost There!)

When you lace, you want to not lace the last two holes closest to your toes! (It might block the words!)

Step 8: Enjoy Your New Shoes!!!

Put them on your feet and be a happy TARDIS!!! Enjoy your easy and comfortable TARDIS shoes! If u don't wanna wait till Comi-Con to wear them then put on a pair of snazzy space leggings or just regular jeans and show them off!

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    6 years ago

    I will be showing how to make a headpiece which will picture the entire outfit! This should be done this weekend or this week!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Oooh, awesome! I love anything Doctor WHO! Great job on the shoes, I'd love to see pics of the whole comi-con outfit! :)