DIY Table Saw Sledge / Sled With Flip Stop Guide


Introduction: DIY Table Saw Sledge / Sled With Flip Stop Guide

I can't seem to copy and paste text I write from another document onto this section so reluctant to write everything from scratch.  If you open the video on YouTube you can read my notes.



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    what are you nit picking for, you know what he is talking about , you should stop and think / you don't take into count that different Countries have different terminology and printing of words -we don't have to convert to American

    I'm sure I'm not the only one that looks forward to being able to view and download detailed project PDFs when I-net access is not available and in the hopes that I can expand my knowledge, moreover, so I can pass it along to at risk youth... Here's a link that might be useful. Thank you for sharing your know how

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    There is also software available that you can take snap shots of every thing you want in jpg format then you can copy and paste them into word then print as a pdf document


    2 years ago

    Loved the video! I see that you've used some kinda star head bolt to secure the flip stop to the rest of the jig, what sorta bolt is it?

    The best instructional video ever. I especially like the tuning procedure for accuracy!

    Great tutorial. Thank you

    Very Nice, shortly I am getting Bosch table saw, delivered and i need to build a cross cut sled for that. Your video is an excellent tutorial. Thanks for sharing

    Nice! I recently acquired a small table saw, and I think I'll make one of these for it!