DIY Tackle Box Fishing Seat and Pole Holder From a 5 Gallon Bucket

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Yet another use for a 5 gallon bucket

If you pier fish, where do you put your poles? Where can you sit?

I have a little 14 foot aluminum boat and also needed a seat to get the right balance while planing and have pole within easy access in the center of the boat, not along the edges where they could get in the way of fighting a tuna or yellowtail. Party boats here in Southern California have pole holders along the sides of the cabin, but none near where you are fishing. One day, on a trip back, I saw a tackle box with pole holders, but wanted to sit and there were no chairs. After putting chemicals in the pool, looking at the bucket and had a "moment!"

This was built with stuff around. Used for about three years and it still works great! (The handle broke..I just use a cart)

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Step 1: Let's Build It!

The instructions are all in the pictures (sizes for dividers) and the in material list below. Materials - 5 Gallon bucket with a lid - Hardware store, or left over from solid chlorine pellets.

Pole Holders - This is the hardest part

Cut the 3-9" pole holders and drill a 3/8" hole 1-1/2" up from the bottom...then also drill a hole in the bucket where you wish to mount the pole holders.

V-notch the 2" bottom brace to fit the circumference on the bucket and the pole holder, then put the 4" bolt, through a washer the bucket, brace and rod holder, another washer with nut to pinch the brace between the rod holder and bucket. If you don't have enough threads on the shank, you'll need to make a spacer for the bolt. This bolt is long to stop the rod from falling through the holder.

Top brace is similar, but attached with safety wire (any stainless wire) with two small holes, one on each side of the upper (shorter) brace to feed the wire through. Stainless zip ties would work too. Plastic zip ties stretch.

1-1/2" plastic pipe - 3 each 9", 1-1/2" (top brace - v notched), and 2"(Bottom Brace-v notched) (3' 2" total)

3- 4"x1/4 or 5/16 bolts, 6 washers, 3 nuts (all stainless) - 30 feet of stainless wire (safety wire is usually stainless) to wire-on the top brace, or 6-12"(appx) zip ties

Dividers -

These also work as jig holders and places (in the gaps) to put your food, sunscreen and other goodies

What you'll need is some 1/8" x 10" x 32" plywood to make the round bucket - square. (see picture for size)

If you label the ends of the 4-3600 Plano boxes, you'll save time looking for "The right stuff."


3/8" x 10" round plywood and 1"x11" round firm foam, 14" round vinyl, 1/4" staples (or short screws/nails) to attach the vinyl to cover the foam, to the plywood, after installing and hot gluing the 1/4"x3/4" bolt to the plywood the attaching to the bucket lid. (or 1/2" Stainless screw to the lid.) I drilled 2 holes to let air/water out.


4-3600 size Plano containers - tackle stores, on-line, etc..

Tools - Drill, and 5/16," 3/8," 1/2," bits drilling for top and bottom braces and seat bolt and seat vent holes Staple gun with 1/4"-3/8" staples for stapling

14" seat cover vinyl over 11" round 1" foam to 10" plywood base

1 stainless bolt - 1/4"x3/4", nut washer for seat

Sabre Saw to cut plywood and pipe

Wrench for bolts (pliers work too) Pliers / wire cutter for cut/wrap safety wire for top rod-holder brace

1-1/2" plastic pipe - 3 each 9", 1-1/2" (top brace - v notched), and 2"(Bottom Brace-v notched) (3' 2" total)

3- 4"x1/4 or 5/16 bolts, 6 washers, 3 nuts (all stainless) -

30 feet of stainless wire (safety wire is usually stainless) to wire-on the top brace

This should cost very little if you have these about $30 if you have to buy the materials The most expensive are the size 3600 Plano containers...

Step 2: GO FISH!

The cool thing about the Chlorine buckets is they have a "Twist-Lock" top.

Now it's up to you to fill it up with all your tackle, lunch, etc. there is also enough room between the lid and the plano boxes to store a few beverages and/or a towel, shirt, etc.

You'd be surprised at the compliments you'll get.

Now catch some fish with your recycled 5 gallon bucket tackle box.

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