DIY Take-Apart Washable Dog Bed




Need a doggy birthday present? Or do you just want to make a special gift for your doggy friend? Well this is for you. What is a better present than a dog bed! You can make a sturdy dog bed in just 5 steps! Your doggy friend will love it!

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Step 1: Materials

  • two 24 in. pvc pipes
  • two 30 in. pvc pipes
  • four three way connecters
  • four bottom toppers
  • four 4 in. pvc pipes
  • outdoor canvas cloth: 39'' x 33''
  • grommets: 14
  • sturdy string

You can get the pvc pipes, connecters, and bottoms toppers at Lowe's. You can get the canvas cloth, grommets, and the string at Jo Ann's Fabric Store.

Step 2: Making the Base

First put together the pvc pipes with the three way connectors, bottoms toppers and the legs. This is the base of the dog bed. Make sure the pipes are on tight. So your dog doesn't fall though the bed while they are laying on it.

Step 3: The Canvas

Measure how big the grommets are then cut out 3 holes on the width, and 4 holes on the length of the canvas. Then cut out slits so the corners have no fabric on them. Then on concrete hammer on the grommets. Depending on how old you are you may need your parent's help.

Step 4: The String

Now that you have all of the canvas and the base done you have to tie it all together. Starting with the length zig zag the yarn through twice and then tie a knot at the end. Do the same with the width. But go under over the other string that you already did. Tie it tight.

Step 5: You Are Finished!

Your work is done! Time to show your doggy friend.

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    4 Discussions


    2 years ago

    this is a great idea and is very easy


    3 years ago

    awesome dog bed! super easy and cute


    3 years ago

    cute dog


    3 years ago

    Ahh! What an adorable dog! This is a fabulous project! So simple and cute! Anyone could easily make this. Thanks for sharing your steps!