DIY Tangled Chain Earrings




Make your own tangled chain earrings with this DIY tutorial from my blog, Thanks, I Made It .

Step 1:

Tools and materials:
Chain (I took apart a necklace)
Jump rings
Post earring backs
Strong glue

Step 2:

I began by deconstructing the necklace, which ended up being 5 or so sections of six pieces of chain.

Step 3:

Taking one of these sections, I began twisting and tangling to create a main knot that with loops of chain hanging from it.

Step 4:

To create the hanging loops and hold the knot in place, I attached chains together with jump rings.

Step 5:

Next step is to attach an earring back using very strong glue.

Step 6:

Repeat for the second earring. Let the glue dry overnight. You're done!



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