DIY Tassle

Introduction: DIY Tassle

Follow these steps carefully to create a wonderful tassle.

Step 1:

Grab a ball of wool, a book and a pair of scissors.

Step 2:

Find the end of the wool and place the end of the wool at the part where the book opens.

Step 3:

Than start to wrap the wool around the middle of the book about 20 - 30 times or until it is a bit thick.

Step 4:

When finished wrapping the book, cut the wool about 20cm from the edge of the book.

Step 5:

Now, cut a piece of wool about 10 - 15cm from the ball of wool.

Step 6:

From the middle of the book, lift up all the wool and place the piece of wool under all the other that you have wrapped around.

Step 7:

Than drag the piece of wool carefully until the piece of wool is at the spine of the book.

Step 8:

Tie up the piece of wool with a double or triple knot.

Step 9:

Lift up all of the wool. holding the bunch of wool with one hand, cut the bunch of wool close to the open part of the book, being careful not to cut the book.

Step 10:

you should now have something that look a bit like an octopus.

Step 11:

From where the previous knot is hold all of the wool about 1cm down from the knot and tie up the bunch nice and tightly.

Step 12:

Than cut the bottom of the tassle so it is all the same length.

Step 13:

Now you have finished the tassle. Enjoy :)

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