DIY Temporary Easy No-Sew MERMAID TAIL! From Leggings! :O



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Ok, you have to admit the pictures are a lot better than the pictures from my last instructable. Anyway. Onto the project.

Super easy DIY mermaid tail from leggings! Swimmable...I guess? It depends what leggings you use and how good of a swimmer you are. Materials:

~ Leggings (that still fit, or else this is gonna be hard :P)

~Monofin (if you don't have one, you can buy one on Amazon or wait until I have my DIY Monofin project out)

That's it!

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Step 1: Leggings

Choose a pair of leggings that you want to make into the mermaid tail. I chose these because even though the tail is temporary, I don't really care if these leggings get stretched out. They have a giant hole in them, so I don't really wear them anymore. :P

Step 2: Body of Tail

Put your legs in one pant leg of the leggings, leaving the other pant leg hanging out.

Step 3: Fold

Take the other pant leg and wrap it around the front of the tail. Tuck it in near the back.

Step 4: Monofin

Put on your monofin. Pull the leggings over your skin. My monofin was conveniently black like my leggings, but it doesn't have to be the same color to look good. If you don't have a monofin, you can get one from the company FinFun. Or you can wait until I come out with my DIY Monofin project.

Step 5: Done!

In the end, this turned out a lot better than I expected. I'll be making a permanent mermaid tail as well, so be sure to check that out, too, along with my DIY Monofin coming out soon. Anyway, have fun with your tail, bye!

Step 6: Notes + Warnings

*Never swim in a tail without someone else there*
*Only swim in a tail if you're confident in your swimming and are a strong swimmer*

*Don't push yourself past your swimming level*

*Only swim in this leggings mermaid tail if you have the correct swimming material or are confident in your swimming and are a strong swimmer*

Step 7: Other Examples!

These tails are just a quick and easy way for you to become a mermaid if you feel the need, nothing too complicated.



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