DIY Terrarium - Spring Room Decor




Introduction: DIY Terrarium - Spring Room Decor

This DIY Terrarium is super cute and a great Spring Decor piece for your room, desk, kitchen, or basically anywhere! Watch the video for more detailed instructions and visuals!

Step 1: You Will Need:

-A medium glass container

-Potting soil

-Small stones

-Activated charcoal (I got mine from the pet store, it comes in a filter)

-Succulents or cactuses (small)

-Decorations (optional!)

Step 2: Assemble!

Put about 1.5 inches of small stones or pebbles into the container.

Next layer the activated charcoal on top of the stones so that it covers the top of the pebbles completely. It should be a thin layer! This is needed to keep the air recycled and carbon filled for the plants! If you are making an open terrarium you don't need this.

Then layer about 2 inches of potting soil on top of the activated charcoal.

Plant the succulents / cacti in the soil, making sure they are firm in the soil.

Add the decorations and any extra rocks you want. I used a small toy dinosaur and added some rocks to make it feel more homey for the dino :)



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    13 Discussions

    This is soooo adorable...perfect for my office

    The Activated Charcoal is Brilliant Idea , never known that before , thanks

    The Activated Charcoal is Brilliant Idea , never known that before , thanks

    Hi William! You can water a bit in the beginning, just a few drops actually because you don't want to overwater succulents! In a terrarium, the water is recycled so it only needs a few drops of water every 3 to 4 weeks. If it starts to look dry (not much condensation) then water it! If you are leaving it open rather than a terrarium you can water it more often, like every 2 weeks, since the water is evaporating into the air.

    Oh, easy as that. I though these terrariums take much more to make. I'm glad you proved me wrong, MaliniC. I already have pebbles which I painted. I have one problem, though. Can't seem to find an appropriate container. Any ideas?

    2 replies

    Yes, it's very fairly easy and quick to make! You can use any large glass container with a lid or even a vase. I found my container at Michaels, they have a ton of great ones!

    I'm not sure we have it here in the UK. But maybe a fish tank or a vase could do the job, huh?

    That's a great DIY idea to make as a gift. I'm not very handy, but I sense that this one is fool-proof xD