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I've seen a lot of textured frames in different decoration stores. A small frame for a picture is about 19.99 dollars. So I decided I'll make a big one for a mirror, it's easy, cheap and looks amazing.

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Step 1: Materials

Wooden laser cut frame (I bought mine in Michaels)

Mirror of the size to fit the frame (mine was 11.5x14.5 inches)

Air dry clay

White glue

White paint

Small brush


Cold silicone

Step 2: Outer Edge

Start by making a rope with the air dry clay around half an inch of thickness.

Glue it to the outer edge of the frame using white glue.

Use the spoon to smooth the inner part of the clay to the frame as shown in the picture.

Once you've done all the outer edge of the frame let it dry (for around 8 hours or all night)

Step 3: Paint

Use the brush to paint all the frame. You'll notice all the little cracks in the clay will not be visible with the paint.

Let it dry and put a second layer of the white paint.

Step 4: Glue the Mirror

When the paint is dry flip the frame so that the textured side faces down.

Put some cold silicone in the inner edge of the frame and place the mirror above.

Let it dry for about 2 hours before hanging.

Step 5: Hang It

It's now ready to be displayed. It's easy to hang with all the little holes it has, so just use a couple nails in each side.

Your guests will think you spent a fortune on it.

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    2 years ago

    That looks really pretty! Great idea to make them much more cost effective :)