DIY: Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Introduction: DIY: Thanksgiving Centerpiece

About: My name is Amanda and I'm the face of TrendingSeasons! I'm a twenty-something YouTube video editor, crafter, and lover of all things festive!

Synopsis: Thanksgiving is COMING! Dazzle your guests with this creative centerpiece!


You are going to need:

-A clear vase (feel free to use any size!)

-Acorns (I went on an acorn hunt outside, be sure to wash them off!)

-Plastic pumpkins and gourds

-Battery powered lights (mini)

-Glittery yellow and orange paint

1. Paint all of your pumpkins and gourds (1-2 coats, this gives them a pretty layer of sparkle!)

2. Place one end of the lights into your clear vase.

3. Fill in the vase with pumpkins, gourds, and acorns.

4. Curve the lights around the inside of the vase as you go.

5. Continue to fill in the vase. (Pattern-pumpkins, acorns, lights curves.)

6. When you’re almost to the brim, add the battery pack.

7. Cover the pack with more pumpkins.

8. Turn on the lights.

Until next time loves! XO!


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