DIY: the Crowd Attractor - for Venues and Exhibitions

Introduction: DIY: the Crowd Attractor - for Venues and Exhibitions

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Hallo Instructables community,

My name is Lauras and this is my first DIY post here, I hope you will like it.

This year our company participated in the Book Fair in Vilnius (we were selling books and a magazine that we publish). The idea was to get the passers-by to somehow stop at out booth and get involved in some kind of action then leading to sales.
So what I did (see photos) was a Crowd Attractor.

How it works:
When I see a person or a group approaching out exhibit - I approach them and as this question: "Good day. Have you already tried the `happiness pills`"? Usually the reaction was a smile and some confusion in their faces, like "what !?".
Then I ponted towards the Attractor and asked them to approach. When in the exhibit I explained:
Please take a pill (a fruity wrapped candy) from the one of 10 "pills" dispensers.
What are you lacking to be totaly happy? Look at all 10 categories and take a corresponding pill.
At this moment visitors observed what the categories are and took one with a smile and confusion.
Also, the physics of the apparatus works so, that candies drop down and "statistics of usage" becomes evident (see photo).
Then we shared couple warm comments about happiness and I suggested that visitors look at our books (I just handed the book to them) and think about buying one.
The method is very good - 95 and more % of those who took the "pill" also took the book into their hands.

I suggest you may try this method for other purposes, commercial or not.
This is a fun way to get statistical data from crowds, and fun to operate apparatus.

Good luck to you all :)

Lauras Balaisa

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Step 1: What I Needed

[ Sorry for strange terminology, not shure how some stuff is called in other countries]
a sheet 1m x 1m (10 mm thickness) corrugated plastic sheet
Same size colored sticky plastic film (glue this to the plastic)
Black plastic tape (one used in electric insulation)
Clear plastic tubes (actually square tubes. I got this from trash of a department store. These tubes are actually a packaging of roller blinds that you put on your home windows). The size can be different than mine, depends on design of the panel. 10 pcs.
Letters cut out from red film.
Candy (in my case it was almost 3kg of them)

5-6 hours of work :)

In the photo you can see the end result. Pay attention to the "statistics" effect I wrote before.

Step 2: Process

1. Glue the film onto the sheet (carefull, don't leave bubbles). If a bubble happens - poke it with the needle, let the air off and smooth the surface.
2. Make a "frame" with the black tape. You will be glueing tubes to the black tape only. So, if any mistake occurs, its is easy to undo.
3. Take your tubes, cut into equal size, make incision in each of them. You should get the end of tube such, that last 8cm of it is lacking 2 opposite sides (see photo)
4. Use tape to glue the remaining 2 sides together. You will end up with inverted "house roof" and hollow sides.
5. Make a ring around the bottom of the "roof" as in photo (use black tape)
6. Glue tubes onto the plastic sheet only at point of black tape.
7. Make 2 holes to hang the apparatus.

Pretty much it.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Yes :)
    You got the translation correct. I guess people can pick any other terms/categories according to the "theme" of their own event/venue.
    Thanks for nice comments


    6 years ago on Introduction

    "sveikata, darbas, pinigai, jaunyste, dziaugsmas, taika, draugyste, pasiekimai, meile, laisve" Translated to "health, work, money, youth, joy, peace, friendship, achievement, love, freedom"
    This is cool!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Nice idea. I like it - can you translate the other things people could choose.