D.I.Y. the Musical Hat Hack




About: I enjoy hacking, programing, building movie props, and I do my best to make everything free and if not cheap.

The other day i was looking through my box of electronics and other stuff that i have when i got a great idea

Step 1: What You Need

For this build you will need:

a small speaker(about the size of you ear)
and old audio jack
a soldering iron
electrical tape
a needle and thread
and of course and old beanie

Step 2: Time to D.I.Y.

1.Start by soldering the audio jack to the speaker.

2.Then tape the exposed wire with electrical tape.

3.Next remove the threads the open a hole in the beanie.

4.Then insert the speaker assembly.

5.Finally proceed to sewing the hat back together.

Step 3: Lets Try It Out

Now that the build is done lets test it out.
So plug it in and try it on.
Now you can listen to you favorite songs while you keep warm.

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