DIY Thirsty Plant Customisation

Introduction: DIY Thirsty Plant Customisation

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Own a DIY Thirsty Plant? Why not make it unique by adding your own creative flourish. No two will ever be the same. Feel the power of the permanent marker…

Step 1: You Will Need:

  • DIY Thirty Plant kit (preferably unmade)
  • Permanent marker pen
  • Inspiration (black and white print out or design to trace)

Step 2: Inspiration:

Plan your design thinking about the colour and thickness of the marker pens available to you. We had a thick black pen so needed to come up with a bold black and white design.


You may like simple stripes, spots or drawing faces.

Trace a traditional font family like Helvetica, or even a vintage Carnival font. You can play with scale and print things out bigger to get bolder patterns.

Find inspired from artists that use bold lines such as Picasso, Bridgett Riley, David Shrigley, Grayson Perry, or Jean Paul Basquiat.

We decided to explore the lines of the popular 90’s artist, Keith Haring.

Step 3: Get Drawing:

Lay your Thirsty Plant Acrylic casing sides out and get drawing. You can make your marks straight on the Perspex, or plan your design first and then trace. We chose to trace sections of Keith Haring's work.

Step 4: Put It All Together

Assemble or reassemble. We chose to put the marker pen side on the inside of the Thirsty Plant Sensor to keep it protected from rubbing off.

Step 5: Admire

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