DIY This 5 Mason Jar Planter Box, Just $6.50

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Intro: DIY This 5 Mason Jar Planter Box, Just $6.50

Make simple straight cuts with your chop saw, circular saw, or jigsaw. Assemble with glue and your brad nails or wire nails and hammer. Fill holes with wood filler. Let dry.

Sand all the corners down to give the box a finished look. Wipe away dust, stain, let dry, and apply a coat of poly.

Get the full build details and costs here.

Step 1: Finishing Touches

Dress this box up with mason jars, mini LED lights, and flowers.

These planter boxes are a versatile home decor All-Star. You can use it as a dining table centerpiece, vanity organizer, window planter, mantle decor, veggie or fruit storage, picnic caddy, craft supply box, and much much more. They also make great gifts your friends and family will find a dozen uses for too.

Step 2: Build a Bunch in Just a Couple Hours!

BUT what makes this DIY project really awesome is it’s so easy to make a lot of these at once. You can make 6 to 12 of them in about 2 hours. So, if you need a bunch of gifts for Christmas or as shower prizes, here you go. Having some friends over for a craft party? Teens and adults will love decorating these. Want a gorgeous wedding centerpiece for less than $15? This is it. Looking for a quick and low cost DIY to sell at a craft fair or online? You can DIY 1 of these boxes for as low as $6.50. *Happy Dance Time* I told you, you have to love this DIY Mason Jar Planter Box.

Step 3: Indoor Herb Garden Idea

Try this instructable for an indoor herb garden tray that can be decorated with bird houses, fairies, or anything you like.



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