DIY Time-lapse - Rotation for GoPro, Actionpro X7 or Any Other Action Camera


Introduction: DIY Time-lapse - Rotation for GoPro, Actionpro X7 or Any Other Action Camera

DIY project for a cheap and extremely easy to put together Time-lapse device for rotation using Ikea egg timer and standard flat mount.
This is nothing new, presented in multiple other clips, just added to the DIY collection so that they are all together.

Creating a time-lapse rotation universal tool for any camera, using the tripod fit, to be added later.



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    Oops, just saw the bit about attaching a tripod mount.... Looking forward to seeing it! (:

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    Sorry for delay, I just did not had the time to process the video, but I'm setting a target myself so that this summer to have some new DIY project posted.

    Very nice end product. It does look very simple. I like that you showed the time-lapse footage. I kept hoping to see some images of the device itself in action, and am disappointed there weren't any.

    Do you have a price list?

    How stable is the device? Does it need to be weighted?

    Do you have any thoughts about how to attach it to a tripod?

    Again, very nice end product. Well done!

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    Hi acuchetto,

    Thank you.

    Price: Ikea egg timer: 5 EUR (Ikea Finland)
    Screws/washers..etc: 0,5 EUR
    The mounting pad comes with the camera in the box.
    Total: 5.5 EUR

    About stability, I used it even on some angled surfaces and the whole thing did not tumbled, anyway, I have another version that can be attached to a tripod, then there is no problem with stability, Clip will come later as I'm doing experiments with different options to attach it to the tripod as well tripod screw attachment of the camera instead of the pad.

    In the end of the clip, there is a time-lapse example.
    If you are interested to see the toy how is turning, then I have no movies of that one but it is just going around in 360 rotation over 60 minutes.

    Let me know if you have any questions, I will try as much as possible to answer them.