DIY-Timer Controlled Modem-Router Cooling System

Introduction: DIY-Timer Controlled Modem-Router Cooling System

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recently most of my purchased music tracks have got problems with youtube's automatic content ID matching system, although i have paid $40 for each of those track, and i sent all the information to stockmusic  net, and asked them to solve the problem, they are also trying to solve these problems as so many of their music tracks got involved with this automatic tracking of youtube.
so i would narrate next production or add some natural sound effects.

DIY-Timer Controlled Modem-Router Cooling System.
in the summer always my modem gets hot, sometimes very hot that even halts the modulation and demodulation of data, so there is no connectivity while it gets hot.

then i thought of a cheap way cooling it down. Used some power supply fans cheap and useful, a timer and switch, adapter, so sitting up all, it turned a cool project.
i used some blue LEDs to show blue icy look that means yes it is cooling now.
as you see the project, it is an open case project so the fans blow on modem and router from top and down.
let me know if you had any question.


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