Toy Magnets



About: San Francisco fine artist/founder of Room & Makers.

Made these magnets out of an assortment of small plastic toys that I found for a low price on Amazon. Whether cats or dinosaurs are your favorite, there are plenty of options to choose from. 

All the toys are ready to be spray painted right when you get them, but I did use an exacto knife to remove the soldiers' stands and a hack saw to cut the animals bodies in half.  I then sanded them a bit to make them smooth in the areas where I cut them. 

Next, I spray painted some gold and silver, left a few of the colors I liked the same and super glued tiny magnets to their bodies. This part can be a little difficult since the magnets are very small and they need plenty of time to dry, I waited about a day to finally put them to use.

Overall, they were fun to make and are great little gifts for the house. 



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