DIY Trailer Winch

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I needed to pull heavy things like logs, utility poles and riding mowers on to the trailer. So after much manual lifting I decided it was time for more power. This is a brief description of how I installed a winch on my little trailer.

Step 1: Wiring Design

First I drew out this diagram. Luckily all I lacked was the relay and some wire.

I ran the wire from battery under the Jeep trough the frame and all the way to the hitch area.

Then I wired everything up as show in the diagram.

Some notes could be added of a few point such as grounding.

Grounding is achieved at the battery (stock), then at the vehicle plug site, and again on the bolts that mount the bow to the trailer.

Better grounds save wire because your using the vehicle and the second wire.

I used a 2 wire from the plug back to the controls because you should not rely on the hitch and receiver to ground properly. It used to be a jumper cable so it worked out great.

Also the wires going in the box have a plastic grommet to help prevent chafing.

Step 2: Protect It

Most winches and their controls are meant to be outdoor. Nonetheless, I put everything in the ammo can. Plus now there is plenty of room to store the connection cable.

If you notice from the video the small control box and remote re the provided electronics from Harbor Freight. The winch was $55.00 new and still going strong.

The reversing relay is new and much better than what was provided.

Now it just needs some paint.

WARNING... This is not intended to remain connected while driving. Failure to store the cable could result in an awesome display of sparks and vehicle damage.



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