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Weekend. My kid is coming to my office-lab (that's what I called my half office, half laboratory.) When he comes, he always want something new. "Let's make something LOUD," he said. Well, thinking for a moment, I remembered the old days when I was in high school. We used to make trumpets for the basketball games. Well, it is loud enough, and will be much louder when there are dozens.

Step 1: Mattoo

Ah.. seems like I make a new abbreviation for "Materials and Tools" hehe..

We used to make it from a film canisters, but seems like this kind of canisters are rare these days. But don't you worry because I have found the replacement for that film canister.

Materials :

  • A balloon.
  • A 1/2" pvc pipe.
  • A supplement canister.

Tools :

  • Glue gun.
  • Drill.
  • Cutter.
  • Files (optional).

Step 2: Canister Treatment

Cut a hole as large as the pipe we use at the bottom of the canister.

Step 3: Cap and Balloon

Make a hole on the canister cap, larger than the pipe we use. We only need the cap's thread to hold the balloon. You can also use zip tie for this purpose so you do not need the cap no more.

Cut the balloon open flat in single layer. Use the balloon to cover the canister opening. Put the cap on or tie it with zip tie. Then push your pipe bottom up until it pushes the balloon about 1 millimeter from its flat position. Remember not to push it out too much or you will need a very large power to blow.

Step 4: The Holes

Drill a hole (3 to 5 mm will do) at the side of the canister. Then optionally drill one hole or more on the pipe. The holes on the pipe will produce different tones for your trumpet.

We are done! Give it a try. Blow from the canister's hole with your mouth stick well on it. Ah.. I should have told your from the start to clean the canister before usage. If it sounds, then glue the pipe to the canister with a hot glue gun so that it will produce louder sound.


Do not blow for too long because it can give serious pain on your jaw.

Ten of this trumpets can produce a sound louder than a truck's air horn, so don't blow it near one's ear.

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    Reply 2 years ago

    Hahaha.. what a cool name xD


    Reply 2 years ago

    Never heard of kazoo before, but after googling I hear a nice trumpet sound with less power (hum). Yes we use the balloon as a membrane to produce the sound. Try it and see how loud you can go ;)