DIY Trunk Mount for 2005 Suzuki Burgman 400

Introduction: DIY Trunk Mount for 2005 Suzuki Burgman 400

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for those who dont want to spend $350 or more for a trunk and a special mounting braket for the burgman, here is an inexpensive way to build a sturdy mounting point out of a few large bolts.

supplies needed:
1 - (or more) suzuki burmans with a passenger backrest - ?$$$?
2- 1/2" x 12" bolts, these are big, big bolts -5.50ea
4 - 1/2" nuts for the bolts - .25ea
1- trunk - Price depends on model, mine was about $120 if i remember correctly 

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Step 1: Getting to the Mounting Points

pic #1
to access the area of the backrest needed to make this work, you need to remove the backrest pad, this is done by simply pulling it towards the front of the bike, there is a metal bar and one screw keeping it from falling off accidentally.
then there will be 2 more small screws holding the piece of plactic onto the back. i ended up leaving this piece off because the case hides it from view

pic #2
next remove the piece of plastic covering the lock mechanism, this is done by removing the 2 screws shown in pic #2 and then with a bit of prying, pulling, and twisting to get it out.

Step 2: Attach the 2 Bolts

thread one nut all the way onto each bolt, then thread the bolts through the 2 holes shown and tighten the second nut onto the backside to keep the bolt from vibrating out.

Step 3: Attach the Box

use the mounting hardware that came with your box to attach it to the new luggage rack you just finished!
mine came with two C rails with holes pre drilled, just set the box on top and line up the bolts and tighten everything down.
make sure to use locknuts or loktite, i came close to loosing my box because i relied on the lockwasher that came in the kit, i finished a 150 mile ride and one of the two bars was almost completely gone.

Step 4: Reassemble and You Are Done!

put everything back together, pull it back apart once you find the pesky spare parts, put it back together again and enjoy your cheap easy (ish) luggage rack!

i hope i made this easy enough to understand, i didnt take as many pictures as i wanted to but i was doing this at about 1 in the morning and i was rushing to get home.
i will be happy to answer any questions you might have about the build process, and please check out the awsome forums at there are so many people over there willing to help answer any questions you might have

thanks for looking!!!

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    Question 2 years ago on Step 4

    May I ask how you got that pillion backrest off again. The instruction wasn't quite clear.


    2 years ago

    Saw this recently, how are the mounts holding up ? Lot of stress on that backrest and wondering if it cracked or broken ?


    3 years ago

    Good idea. Thanks