DIY Tutorial - How to Make Pearl Resin Earrings With Metal Craft!



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Tools and materials:

  • AB glue
  • color essence
  • pearls
  • hardware accessories and so on

Step 1: The Mixing of AB Glue

Mix up the A glue and B glue according to the proportion of 3:1 with measuring cup. Stir the glue evenly and put it away a few minutes for the bubbles to disappear. PS: You may put the cup with glue into warm water which would make the bubbles disappear more quickly.

Step 2: Mould In

The mixed glue will be poured into the mould with carefulness, then we will use a small pick to get some color essence and stick the small pick into the glue. Stir the glue with the small pick and remember not to stir it too fully so as to achieve the effect of flowing. Put it away for 12 hours.

Step 3: Mould Off and Polishing

After 12 hours waiting, the glue would be dried enough and we shall take the glue out off the mould to polish it with sandpaper.

Step 4: Combining

Combine the hardware parts, pearls and resin glue.

Step 5: Complete!!

In this video:

  • 1. Resin cube making
  • 2. How to add the color in the resin
  • And finally, we make a pair pearl resin earrings with metal craft Hope you will like it!!

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