DIY Tutorial - How to Make Sterling Silver Ring With 3 Different Patterns!




Introduction: DIY Tutorial - How to Make Sterling Silver Ring With 3 Different Patterns!

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Tools and Materials:

  • Sterling silver
  • Marker Pen, Pencil
  • Water
  • Hammer, Texture hammer
  • Scissors
  • Lighter

Step 1: Confirm the Size

Measure the silver wire’s length and we will trim 4 silver wires of the same length.

Step 2: Heating and Cooling

Use heater to heat up the 4 sections of silver wires and they will be softened. Cool them down with cold water.

Step 3: The First Pattern

Put one of the silver wires onto the platform and choose the vertical hammer to hammer it evenly. The vertical patterns will be on the silver wire.

Step 4: The Second Pattern

Put the second silver wire onto the platform and choose the hammer of ripple pattern to hammer the wire evenly. The ripple patterns will be on the wire.

Step 5: The Third Pattern

Use tweezers to clip the 2 silver wires and make them straight. One end will be clipped to be tight and the other one end will be clipped together by a tweezers. Now we turn the tweezers and twist the 2 wires and achieve the shape. Next, we place it on the platform and use hammer to make it flat.

Step 6: Welding

These 3 types of silver wires will be put together and be welded. Add in welding powder and heat them to weld them together. Cool it down with cold water.

Step 7: Trimming

Due to the processing of hammering, twisting and welding, the silver wire will occur a bit of inhomogeneous lengthening and we will use scissors to trim the 2 ends of the silver wire.

Step 8: Silver Ball’s Making

Trim off a section of silver wire and use heater to heat it to make it melt to be the shape of a ball.

Step 9: Decorating

Add welding powder to the 2 ends of the welded silver and put the silver ball onto the surface. Use heater to weld the silver ball to the silver.

Step 10: Polish the Welding Part

Welding dirt will be on the jewelry and we will use tools to polish the dirt away.

Step 11: Shaping

Place the silver onto the ring mould and use soft hammer to hammer the silver to its shape.

Step 12: Polishing and Cleaning

Put the ring into the polishing machine and clean it. After cleaning, soak the ring into clean water.

Step 13: Complete!!!

In this video:

1. We show three ways pattern making on sterling silver

2. How to weld the sterling silver

And finally, how to make a ring. Hope you will like it!!

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    3 years ago

    You make it look soooo easy.



    3 years ago

    You guys are making some epic jewelry