DIY Twine Coasters W/ Yarn & Felt

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Crochet Coaster:

1. Make a magic circle 2. Chain 2 and then crochet 12 hdc into the circle. 3. Join into top chain. Tighten up circle. 4. Chain 2, hdc into same stitch. 5. Crochet 2 hdc into each stitch. 6. Join into top chain. 7. Chain 2, hdc into same stitch 8. Crochet 1 hdc in each stitch all around. 9. Join into top chain. 10. Chain 2, hdc into same stitch. 11. Crochet 1 hdc into next stitch and then 2 hdc into the next stitch. Repeat all around. (1,2,1,2,1...) 12. Join into top chain. Cut a tail. Slip knot the end and tighten. 13. Weave in all ends. A few tips on making the crochet coaster is to always join on the top chain, not the first hdc of the row and always start crocheting into the stitch where the chain is created. This will make the crochet coaster look neat.

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Download the video! Link down below!!

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