DIY USB Cooking Pan


Introduction: DIY USB Cooking Pan

Cooking eggs with your laptops.Make your breakfeast at school.



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    about how hot did the filament/pan get? i noticed you lifted it with your hand. also, using a smaller pan might not work as well because then the eggs would be higher and not as much of them would be in direct contact with the pan. good instructable

    This tungsten filament could be good for a project I am about to start, the heating element for a vacuum former for plastics. Do you think this tungsten filament puts off enough radiant heat with 6-12 V to soften HDPE? An approximate ambient temperature reading at 3cm from the coil would be really useful, an chance you could provide one? Also, a further suggestion for your pan: Sand the bottom surface of the upper pan, to increase radiant heat absorption, and polish the top surface of the bottom pan to increase radiant heat reflectivity. That way the cooking pan absorbs more heat, and the bottom pan reflects heat up to the top pan, making for a more insulated bottom surface and more efficient heating.

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    hey what i would suggest on using is a couple of peltier units maybe the hot side would provide enuf heat for what u need?

    Where were u able to find the tungsten filament low voltage wire? I looked all over but couldn't find it anywhere.

    If you tried using a smaller pan you would concentrate the heat better and reduce energy wasted heating the pan. The element would have to be closely arranged. A very cool idea thanks for the video CJ

    Cool idea, but I would have labeled the parts better in the video, i.e. what are the rocks? Also, if you ever make it again, consider gluing the filament to the bottom pan...that way you could remove and wash the top one.

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    I would love to see someone doing this on a subway going to work.

    Idea is good, execution and instructable could be better. The USB hub you used presumably requires an external power supply. If your ability to cook with your laptop is limited by finding a power source, you might as well use a cooker that plugs directly into the wall, so that you can cook while working on your laptop, but don't have to have your laptop with you to cook. For a portable cooker, you used a pretty large pan size. Why not try to use something a lot smaller? With a smaller pan size makes this could be used as a drink warming coaster as well, dual function with more portability.

    Hmmm , iBreakfast Where did you bought your Tungsten filament ?