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Introduction: DIY USB Flash Drive Ring

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In this instructable I'll show you that how to make a cheap and practical USB flash drive ring. I'm a 15 years old guy and I don't wear rings, but seeing the Ring Challenge contest have some good ideas. The most of the rings that I see are nice but haven't any practical usage. So I decided to make and show you a very useful pen drive ring. It's very easy to make one and with this ring can use your flash drive everywhere. You'll need a only few tools and parts to make this project, The total cost was $10 so gather materials.

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Step 1: Tools and Materials


  1. glue gun or super glue
  2. and a rotary tool
  3. ...that is all


  1. wooden or plastic tube in any colour
  2. small USB flash drive

Before you start check the diameter of the pipe to your finger. If you want make a decoration on the pipe. Your ring will look better.

Step 2: The Ring

First cut a ring from the tube. The width is 0.7 mm (about 2/3 inch). With your rotary tool make it smooth because may cause woundon your finger. Never leave big arista on it, it's dangerous. If you choose a wooden ring you can make very nice decorations on it, and will looks very neat.

Step 3: Glue the Ring

Cut a half inch piece from your plastic or wooden ring. There will be placed the flash drive. I cut out a 12 mm long piece. After this get your pen drive and place on the ring. If your skin is allergic to the super glue use the glue gun and glue them together. Now you're done. You can use your flash drive now everywhere you are!!! Now you can see that is a very easy project and can make in 10 minutes but is a very practical thing. Hope you liked and see my other instructables.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    I do have exactly that flash drive. I don't wear rings, so I usually keep the drive in my wallet, but this is still a fantastic idea! Great for important files, too (encrypted of course)