DIY Ukulele Pick Holder

Introduction: DIY Ukulele Pick Holder

About: This profile is awful, It's my old user from 2017. Please ignore the cringe.

Hey! first of all, I would just like to thank EVERYONE! my project "Fish Tail Loom" got featured recently, And I'm super duper happy! I'd just like to thank all for liking and looking at my project! now on to today's project!

we're going to make a DIY Ukulele Pick Holder! (And if you're wondering, Yes it it my ukulele) And I would

like to say any brands or uses of Brand names are not of infringement, they are merely just the brands of

what I used, So thanks to Mitchell, Jim Dunlop, Sharpie, and others I used. Now Let's Get started!

Step 1: What You'll Need

We all have those picks lying around, Why not hold them in style? Now you can! With easy steps, and common items, Basically household stuff, It's easy.

Whatcha' Need:

Notepad Or Sticky Notepad. ( I had a pineapple one, Hence Ukulele, But you can use square or any shape.)

Pens Pencils etc


Single hole punch



Step 2: Getting Started!

Chose your Shape, size,color, etc, of Notepad, and grab 2.

Then (If your using an odd shape, like the pineapple,)

Cut off the top half. For example, my pineapple, I'd just cut off the leaves.

But only cut the top off one! until it looks like the picture above. (It'll make more sense later...)

Step 3: It All Comes Together.

Staple around the edges, but not too high up, or you'll not be able to put your picks in!

Staple up about as high as I did, But you can go lower. Make sure you can fit your finger through the

pocket before proceeding!

Step 4: Almost Done!

Now, Put your pineapple up to the binder your putting it in, (or even if you don't want it in a binder, It fits in instrument bags just fine.) and use your marker/pen whatever to mark where to punch it. and proceed to

hole punch on the dot when finished.

Step 5: Customize!

Just like the title, Put what ya' want on it! Label it for what's inside, make a design on it,

I don't know! have fun with it!

Step 6: Aaaand We're Done!

Put in a binder, or stuff in an instrument bag!

Not only for ukuleles! For Mandolin, Guitar, Banjo, Whatever stringed instrument you please!

Thanks again Guys! But please answer me this...

What's different about going pro on istructables? How is it better?

Please tell me if ya know!

A big ol' thanks to you guys! Make more soon!


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