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Introduction: DIY Ultimate Paper Glider

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Hi there! Welcome to my Instructable.

Today I will be showing you how to create a simple, yet very entertaining paper glider! This project is great for kids or your inner-kid!

Let's begin.


- Sheet of printer paper (This is all it takes).

- Your hands (Your tools).

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Step 1: Your First Folds

1) Lay your piece of paper out in front of you, portrait oriented.

2) Take one of your upper corners and fold it down towards the opposite edge to create a triangle. Crease it.

3) Unfold it and repeat step 2 with the other upper corner.

4) Unfold it again and you should see an X has been created in the paper.

Step 2: Creating the Base

1) Take the inner edges of your X and pull them towards the center.

2) Once you pull the edges towards the center, take the top triangle and push it down. Crease the center.

Step 3: Continuing the Base

1) Take the bottom corner of your newly created triangle and fold it to the top point of the triangle. Crease the edge.

2) Repeat step one with the other corner.

Step 4: Finishing the Base

1) Take the edge of the small triangle that you just created. Fold it to the center line and crease it. Repeat the same with the other side (pictures 1-3).

2) Take the nose of the glider and fold it over to create a flat edge. Crease it (pictures 4-5).

3) Slightly unfold the "nose flap" to expose two slits. Slightly unfold the "side flaps" and insert them into the "nose flap" (pictures 6-13). Once both flaps have been inserted into the slits, fully seat them by pushing down and creasing.

Step 5: Creating the Wings

1) Turn the glider over.

2) Take hold of the edge and fold it inward to create a wing. Crease it. Repeat the step on the other side making sure you fold it the same distance (pictures 2-3)

3) Take the top of your new fold, and fold it over on itself. Gently pull the newly created wings upward so they stand up (pictures 4-8).

Step 6: Finished Glider and Test Flight

This is the fun part! It is time to get outside and test your new glider! If you're like me, you'll get it stuck in a tree within 5 minutes. If you have an open field or a balcony to launch from, even better. I shot a quick clip to demonstrate the glider, please excuse my poor video skills.

I hope you've enjoyed this little project - Get out there and have some fun!

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1 year ago

WOW. That is amazing! I'm gonna guess it's more for outdoors than indoors because of that video.


3 years ago

its good. I'm gonna try it.


Reply 3 years ago

You wont regret it ;)