DIY Up-cycled Coupon Organizer!

So I had a lot of coupons laying around and not organized at all. Ya lets get real, I have a lot of stuff just laying around but coupons are a pain. When you go to the store there falling out of the cart, your pocket you never know what you have, and yes I could pay for a nice one at the checkout lane at the store, but whats the fun in that? Plus like I said I have way too much stuff laying around that I could just make a coupon organizer of for free.

Step 1: Stuff You Will Need to Make Your DIY Up-cycled Coupon Organizer!

1. You will need a paper punch.

2. You will need one Lanyard clip or key chain clip. (If you go to conferences I bet you have a ton of these laying around.)

3. You will need one Key ring.

5. You will need a paper binder with dividers. (I bet you have a few of these laying around too.)

6. You will need binders inserts for CD's a few pages (my guess is if ask around you can find these, as people switch from CD's to flash drives)

Step 2: First Step!

1. Cut along the vertical line to cut off the right side of the CD binders inserts as shown in the picture above.

2. Now take the right side that you just cut off and cut along the horizontal line to cut in half as shown in the picture above.

Step 3: Next Step.

1. Take your whole punch and punch a hole in the upper right hand corner of each of the CD binders inserts that you cut down into singles.

2. Take your Lanyard clip and clip it to your key ring.

3. Now take the CD binders inserts that you cut down into singles with the hole in the upper right hand corner and put them on the key ring like you would a key.

Now you should have a holder for the store that you can clip on to your cart so your coupons are not falling on the floor.

Step 4: Last Step.

1. Take the left side of the CD binders inserts the one with the hole's already punched in it and put it in the binder and label the paper dividers by the type of coupons you have. Now you have a place to store and organize your coupons at home too.

Step 5: That's It!

Now you have a DIY Up-cycled coupon organizer for home and at the market.



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