DIY Valentines Day Hair Pins and Ribbons


Introduction: DIY Valentines Day Hair Pins and Ribbons

Here is a link to the video.

Step 1:

Hey everybody! Today I am doing another vervison of my homemade hair pins! I love using these for gifts to my friends and also for myself!

One thing I did last year that was incredibly fun was have a girls craft night! We made these hair pins, had valentines snacks, and had a lot of fun! I encourage you to do this with friends or family! If you make these hair pins or something similar use the hashtag on instagram #sweetblyssDIY so I can see your crafts too! or tag me @sweetblyss2 Happy Crafting! xoxo Sonia

Step 2: Supplies

The Supplies you will need

  • Bobby pins
  • felt flowers
  • felt
  • foam stickers or other embellishments
  • glue gun

Step 3: Assembly

The first step would be to cut out pieces of felt that fit into the bobby pin.

Next you can glue on the flowers to the bobby pin and felt.

After, you can glue on your embellishments!

This is such a versitile craft, you can make these for any occasion and any style. For a more visual explanation, watch the video that is liked.

Step 4: Old Video

Here is a link to last years hair pins:



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