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Introduction: DIY Valentines Mail Pouch

About: I'm a mother of four who loves making my house a home. I've always loved to create and design, doing it for my family in my home keeps me sane. I'm not trying to be super mom I'm just doing what I love.

These mail pouches are simple to put together and provide lots of fun leading up to Valentine's Day. My kids have loved giving and receiving love notes and little prizes.  They hang on the back of our dining room chairs.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Using scraps of fabric I had on hand, I put together four different bags for the kids. Each is lined with the accent fabric.

To make your own here is what you'll need:
fabric, craft interfacing, heat and bond, matching thread and 2 buttons

Step 2: Cut Out All Your Pieces

for the body:
2- 9x11'" of outer fabric
2- 9x11" of lining fabric
2- 9x11" if fusible craft interfacing

for the flap:
1- 8x8 of outer fabric
1- 8x8of lining fabric 
You can round the end like I did by tracing a bowl.

for the straps:
2- 2X8" of outer fabric
2- 2X8" of lining fabric

for embelishments:
2- 2x9" strips
a heart
2-x's  and 2-o's
You don't have to embellish like I did, do it how ever you want. To make attaching and sewing on the pieces easier I used heat and bond on the back side of the fabric. Then, I drew what I wanted and cut it out.

Step 3: Sew the Straps

sew the straps right sides together with a 1/4" seam leaving the top open. Trim the corners. Flip right side out, iron and top-stitch the edges. Add a button hole at the bottom.

Step 4: Sew the Flap

Apply embellishment to the front of the flap and stitch it down. Then sew right sides of flap together with a 1/4" seam, leaving the top open. Clip the curved edge of flap. Flip it right side out, iron and topstitch.

Step 5: Assemble Body of the Bag

Before assembling the body, apply interfacing to the back side of outer fabric.  Next apply all the embellishments to the front and back of the outer body pieces.  I placed my strips 3" above the bottom of the bag. Sew everything down and attach buttons just above the strip or about 3-1/4" above the bottom of the bag.

Sew the rights sides of the outer pieces together. Then sew the right sides of the lining fabric together leaving a 4" opening in the bottom.

Step 6: Box the Corners

Now, box the corners of both bags by pinching out the corners to create a triangle (see picture below). Using a clear ruler mark a line 1-1/4" down from the point. Make sure your seam is in the center when you draw your line.  Then sew over the line.  Trim the excess fabric.

Step 7: It Should Look Like This

When you're done with that you should be able to turn them right side out and stand them up.

Step 8: Assemble the Whole Bag

To assemble the bag  pin the straps 1/2" from the side seams and the flap centered in the back. Stitch across the top of the back with a 1/8"seam to hold everything in place.

Step 9:

Next, stuff the outer bag into the lining bag with right sides together.

Step 10:

Pin  and sew around the top with a 3/8"seam.

Step 11: Turning It Right Side Out

pull the outer bag through the hole in the bottom of the lining.

Step 12: Topstitch

Topstitch around the top of the bag.

Step 13: Enjoy Your Bag

You're done. Hang your bag on the back of a chair and enjoy.

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    This is so cute! I remember just using decorated paper bags when I was in school. This is definitely a step up!