DIY Vanilla Scented Bath Salts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Introduction: DIY Vanilla Scented Bath Salts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys so this is my FIRST INSTRUCTABLE and I hope you enjoy! It is a wonderful bath salt with a rich vanilla smell and heres how you do it!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sea salt(you can use table salt),

Vanila extract,

vanilla body cream(I used vanila cream from body shop)

and blue eyeshadow- optional.

Step 2: Mix Them Up!

First put about 1 tablespoon of vanila extract and 2 tablespoons of vanilla body cream into a bowl/container.Mix them until combined and slowly add in the salt.Make sure it is combined thuroughly and than add in eyeshadow or some kind of colouring,mix it up and put in a jar!

Thats it! I hope you enjoyed my FIRST INSTRUCTABLE and please recomend things that i can do next, follow me and try it out!




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    i hoped you guys liked it,im 12 so i hope this is ok!