DIY Video Slider for Pico Dolly for Under $15!




If you have bought the handy Pico Dolly for your video camera and want to extend it's use, try this easy and effective slider project. 3 foot closet door rails from a hardware store, two pieces of 3 x 5 inch wood, two T metal braces, some nuts and bolts and four chair leg tip protectors. Easily constructed in an hour or two, a little WD40 in the track, pull the dolly with an elastic band (or use my motorized Pico Dolly I show in another instructable!). It's strong enough for digital cameras under two pounds, and can be used on regular tripods, mini tripods, the ground, or suspended between chairs. Use it to kick up your camera phone video a huge amount. Cost (not including the Pico Dolly, tripods or camera) is under $15.



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    3 years ago

    I like this a lot. It appears to be very reliable and it will certainly bring some stibility to my future video's/'ibles. A BIG Thanks, Sir.