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Introduction: DIY Vintage Teddy Bear (With Pattern)

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I love the style of Vintage style teddy bears. I believe it is because of how simple but playful they are. I had been wanting to make one for some time now and finally came across a website that had a pattern and tutorial.

I had looked online on Pinterest, youtube or just browsing Google in hopes that I would find a teddy bear pattern that had that vintage look to it. I did come across a Youtube channel that had a tutorial, but with no pattern. I tried contacting the person who had it, but they never responded.

I was pretty desperate so I kept searching and happened to find a website that had it. It was perfect! I have already made two teddies from this template, and so Im sharing with you so you can make your own teddy as well!

DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own this pattern nor the website where it was originally posted. I am merely sharing it with you. Thank you!

Step 1: What You Will Need:

  1. The Pattern
  2. Some fabric of your choice (I used to different colors of fabric to have the ears and feet pop out a little)
  3. Some type of writing utensil, either a pencil or pen to trace the pattern (make sure that if you use a pen that it will not bleed through the fabric)
  4. Scissors
  5. pins
  6. Sewing machine, or if you do not have one, than a needle and thread will be fine. Try having the thread the exact same color as your fabric, but not really necessary.
  7. Polyester fiber filling for the teddy

Step 2: Pattern

First thing is to download the template and cut out the pattern pieces. It would be best to print it on sturdy paper like cardstock. But if you do not have any card stock paper then you could always glue the template to cardboard, let dry and cut out the pieces. The pattern you will have downloaded is an edited version to look nicer and to hopefully help you understand what all to cut out. Try to leave a big enough seam allowance to sew the pieces together with no problem.

Step 3: Pattern Cut Out

Just showing how your pieces should look like after cut out.

On the ear I used two of the grey fabric and two of the blue colored fabric. I also used blue on the bottom of the feet. As stated before, you can use two types to have the ear and feet pieces stand out a little, but totally up to you!

Step 4: The Face

  1. Grab your two face pieces and lay them together, and sew along from the nose to the bottom of the mouth. Then add the top of the head between the two face pieces, trying to place it well in the center front seam on the nose pin into place and sew along that top part.
  2. Grab your ear pieces and lay them together, one blue, one grey. (that is if you are using two different colors) and sew along the curve, leave the bottom open. you can stuff the ear with some polyester fiber filling to have it not appear so flat on the head.
  3. Pin the ears onto the head and sew them into place.
  4. Grab the back head pieces, lay them together with pretty side facing inwards. Pin and sew only one side.
  5. Lay the front piece down, with the pretty side showing. Lay down the face inwards, and pin and sew around the edge, leaving an opening on the bottom of the head. Make sure the ears are folded down!

Step 5: The Body

  1. Grab the two front body halves and sew along the longer side as shown in the picture.
  2. Then grab the leg pieces, assemble both of them and sew from the toe to the top and the back part of the foot, leaving a gap for the stuffing.
  3. Sew the bottom of the feet (the soles) onto each leg. This part will probably be a little hard, so you can try hand sewing if you like. Once you're done sewing the feet, turn them inside out and pin them to the front of the body. (Please note that the toe is inward.) Go ahead and sew the legs in place.
  4. Grab the back body halves. If you notice it has a little mouth looking thing. You fold over the edges together and sew along on both pieces. After you're done sewing that, grab the pieces together, and sew along the edge that does NOT have the little mouths closed. Leave a gap for the stuffing and to be able to turn the bear inside out.
  5. Now assemble the front and back body on top of each other, with the pretty side facing inwards. Pin and sew all around the edge with the gap on the top where the head should be.

Step 6: The Arms

Grab your arm pieces, assemble them together and pin and sew along the edge. Do not forget to leave a gap for the stuffing. Once you are done sewing them , place them onto the sides of the body, pin and sew.

Step 7: Finishing Up

The get the head onto the body, you will have to turn your teddy inside out. Enter the head of the teddy and make sure that the head is aligned with the body, as in make sure that the teddy's front face is actually facing the front side of the body. Just remember that the back of the teddy's body has a gap. Sew all the way around the neck area.

Through the gap on the teddy's back, you can now flip it outwards again.

Stuff to your hearts content, but probably not too much stuffing as it will probably not sit properly.

When you want to close the gaps, try using the hidden stitch method. I am not able to explain the stitching, but hopefully the pictures i provide will or try using Google for more information.

Step 8: You're Done!

All done! I added a little detail to mine by embroidering the face. There is also other examples of other teddies that I have made as a gift.

I really hope that this tutorial was useful and that you were able to create a teddy of your own! I would like to see pictures of all of your different designs. Thank you for taking the time on checking out my first Instructable and I hope you have a good day with your new teddy bear friend!

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3 years ago

I used your pattern to make a "memorial" bear for my niece whose daughter passed away on valentine's day. I used her favorite jeans to make the body and her favorite top for the ears and feet. I used buttons from the top for the eyes and nose. Thank you


Reply 3 years ago

Im sorry for the loss, great idea using her clothes!


4 years ago

Awww...cute! Great 'ible :)


Reply 4 years ago

thank you!


4 years ago

Very nice! They are all so cute! Welcome to Instructables! I'm glad you shared your first project. Looking forward to more!!


Reply 4 years ago

Thank you very much!