DIY Voltage Stabilizer for Ac Utility




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It is often seen that our mains utility power supply fluctuates to a large extent from the specified range. Presented below a DIY “do it yourself” voltage stabilizer for 230 utility with readymade electronics cards.

Step 1: Cards With Display and Connectors

It is made with 2 cards One control card the back side of which has 7 segment display.All the connectors are also asper the image are required.

Step 2: The Input and Output Range

Input AC Voltage range of 140V to 280V AC. Regulated output voltage to ensure voltage in range 200 -245 VAC.Voltage correction within 10-20 m Sec.Relay operation near zero crossing of current to ensure reliability and fault free operation.Intelligent Output Time Delay for protection of load connected.Mains under voltage and over voltage cut off to protect the connected load. ( U/V – <175V , O/V > 250V)

Minimum wiring required for DIY the same. One PCB with mounted 3 to 4 nos 25A relays for above 1 KVA (6A relays for any capacity below 1KVA) and the control circuit with 3 digit Seven segment LED display of – I/P , O/P voltage ,Timer , Load Current etc as image. All connection details with connectors are provided for the cards.

Step 3: Transformer Design

All that one has to do is to get the transformer made as per the data given in the table and then get a suitable enclosure to house all the items to give it a finished look.

Transformer required is to be made as per the table

Main Winding Voltages :- 0 – 141 – 168 – 200 V Trigger winding 0 – 9.5 – 19 V



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1 year ago

how can I get code ? source and hex and pcb files for this stabiliser card

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