About: My name is santhosh. I am a higher secondary student.I love electronics!.I started learing electronics since 2008.I like programming PICs.

I was searching for a wiring pencil in my local electronics stores,but I could not find one.So I decided to make one.

Materials required:
1. Old ball point pen
2. Bobbin with enameled copper wire
3. Screws
4. Needle from a syringe

See pictures for instructions
Your DIY wiring pencil is ready!



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    santhosh_r is correct, but as he noted earlier, it should be listed as *solderable* enameled wire that has a lower max temperature than non-solderable wire. Search eBay for "magnet wire solderable" or just "magnet wire" as some entries don't have "solderable" in the title.

    This is a very nice instructable! I've wanted a wire-wrap tool but wouldn't use it often enough to make it worth the purchase. Thanks!!

    If you love programing, can you Tell me how to make PIC programmer curcuit.
    Thanks akos

    i hope not,in my experience soldering will not remove the enamel and not completely if it does at all

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    Not all enamelled copper wires can be used only Solderable Enamel Wire can be used or get a wire which has a very thin layer of enamel.

    I'm a little unclear as to how this works. If you use enameled wire you aren't making electrical contact with your component leads, unlike old wirewrap techniques which uses bare wire. Is the assumption that the enamel will removed by the heat of soldering?

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