DIY Wall Letters




Introduction: DIY Wall Letters

In this instructables we will show you how to make your own DIY wall letters with a few simple supplies.

Step 1: Supplies and Cost

Hobby Lobby -- other craft stores may provide these products

Fake Flowers of your choice (We used three bundles for one letter)

Big metal letter with hollow inside (will backside of letter)

Christmas ornament balls (color of your choice, we used 12 for one letter)

Hot glue guns/hot glue sticks(can have one for each person participating)

Wire cutters (a pair for each person participating)


Paint (colors of your choice)


Roughly $50 for all supplies (we did use a 40% off coupon for the metal letter)

NOTE: The hot glue gun, wire cutters and paint will not need to be purchased every time but only when they run out

Step 2: Painting Ornaments (optional)

Turn on hot glue gun and set to side (will use in later steps)

This step is optional if you already have non-clear christmas ornaments

  • can use any color of your choice or multiple colors in each ornament
  • Grab paint of choice and take top off of Christmas ornament
  • Release paint into ornament
  • Close ornaments and shake
  • Sit up side down back in tray
  • Leave in tray for 15 minutes (will work on other steps and come back to this one)

Step 3: Flower Cutting

  • Take flowers and cut flower off of steam
  • Want to cut right below the the base of the flower
    • With bigger flowers you can most likely pull them off
  • Want to pull off the leaves as well
  • set all flowers in a pile after cut

Step 4: The Metal Letter

Turn letter backwards, you will want the hollow side facing up

Step 5: Begin Placing

  • In this step you will use the ornaments you set to the side earlier and flowers you cut
  • Begin placing flowers and ornaments in letter
  • DO NOT glue them down
  • After placing look at letter and make sure things are how you want them

Step 6: Begin Gluing

  • Will use the hot glue gun in this step
  • start at one corner of the letter and begin to pull out one flower at a time and ornament and hot glue into place
  • Repeat this step over until all is glued into place
  • May glue petals, etc on top of other flowers and ornaments

Step 7: Final Step

  • Once glued down check for any loose pieces
  • Leave laying flat over night to ensure all pieces dry
  • Can either leave sitting or hang on wall according to your preference
    • If you decide to hang can use nails in corner of letter to hold up
  • Pictures above is another example

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    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    That looks like a great way to make a sign. Much nicer to look at the typical bright flashing paint jobs that most signs have.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you!