DIY Wall-decor With Recycled Newspaper




Introduction: DIY Wall-decor With Recycled Newspaper

I had an idea for 2014 and thought I’d experiment with it.
I felt like sprucing up my place to raise the energy so that I had something new and inspiring to wake up to but, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money doing it. I wasn’t keen on searching several stores to find something that attracts me either so I decided to create something myself and this is what I ended up with! 

Step 1: Before & After

This is what the wall looked like before and this is what it looks like now.


1. Newspaper.
2. Adhesive (I used Fevicol’s easy flow white adhesive).
3. A skewer or a knitting needle or any even stick which you can roll with.
4. Few Clothespins.
5. A pencil & an eraser
6. Acrylic Colours.
7. Different sized brushes.
8. A few bowls to mix colours and to wash brushes,
9. A rag to clean up,
10. Refreshments to keep you going,
11. Some inspiration and
12. An active Imagination (Which includes viewing flipped images :P).

Step 3: STEP 01

Click the link below (that's where I got my inspiration from) and see how I rolled newspapers to make these pretty discs. 
This video teaches you how to roll newspapers and gives you plenty of ideas too:
Once they are ready, paint them with your choice of colours based on your theme.
My theme was a tree and I used the VIBGYOR colour scheme to represent Chakras (energy vortexes) within the human body.

Step 4: STEP 02

Stick the coloured newspaper discs onto the surface using the adhesive.
I used Fevicol’s easy flow white adhesive because it works best on almost all surfaces and is available just about everywhere in India.

Step 5: STEP 03

Use the pencil to draw guide lines on the surface which you will later fill with paint.

Step 6: STEP 04

Fill the traced outline with colours of your choice. I used black.

Step 7: STEP 05

Cover up ugly stains (caused by dripping glue or carelessness) by painting over it, making sure it’s a part of the design.

Step 8: STEP 06

Add accents that go with your theme.
I just painted a bird for now and will probably beautify it later by embellishing and giving it a 3d look.

Step 9: STEP 07

Let the first coat of paint dry completely before adding the second coat of paint.

Step 10: STEP 08

Tidy up the edges and apply the second coat of paint.

Step 11: STEP 09

Let it dry completely. Then, take a picture and share it with your friends!
If you like what you’ve just created, PLEASE SHARE IT TOO!
Your artwork might be a great inspiration for someone else, including me!

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