DIY Washable Outdoor Sidewalk Paint





Introduction: DIY Washable Outdoor Sidewalk Paint

Are you looking for a fun and easy outdoor activity to do with your kids? You will absolutely LOVE this easy DIY craft! My kids are eager to find new activities and ways to have fun outside, and I am eager to find inexpensive ways to entertain them.

Not only is this fun to make with your kids but they will love to be able to paint your sidewalks and driveways outside. Most likely you already have all of the ingredients in your pantry. The best part is there is no harsh chemicals so it is safe for children.

Find out how you can easily make it here!



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    Washable paints are some what life savers for anyone who love spray paints and especially for anyone who have kids who likes to draw using spray paints, but on the other hand its not as good as real spray paints, I have made a post about these washable spray paints here:

    But the advantages of these spray; they are cheap and eliminates this drawback and gives a beautiful finish after spray painting.

    Click on the link in the article and it will give you the easy ingredients as well as the step - by -step instructions :)