DIY - Waste Oil Burner

This oil burner is designed to run with my foundry however it is easy to modify to suit any purpose including space heating and forging. Mine runs on waste motor oil but vegetable oil would also work. The burner outputs well over 1000 degrees Celsius so care should obviously be taken during use.

I also go over the oil burner in my aluminium casting video.


Step 1:


    Angle grinder (and/ or plasma cutter)

    A welder TIG/MIG/ARC (MIG recommended)

    Power drill or drill press for drilling hole (size of the oil pipe)

    Step 2:


      Cheap leaf blower (variable power connected to control the air output)

      Large container with lid and nozzle (to hold the oil)

      copper tube for oil inlet

      Empty 40kg Gas Tank or other cylinder (fire extinguisher)

      round or square tube same size as blower outlet

      Curved pipe for flame outlet

      Oil (motor or vegetable oil)

      Step 3:

      All steps are in my video: 1 Week Builds Ep- 4 - Oil Burner

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        it definitely will get hot enough and is a great alternative to coal or gas. im currently building a new smaller and more efficient foundry the youtube video will be out next sunday, if youre interested checkout my youtube channel