DIY Water Bombs (using Sponges)




Introduction: DIY Water Bombs (using Sponges)

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Today I'll show you how to make sponge water bombs.

Watch my YouTube Video here: DIY Water Bombs (using sponges)

Sponge water bombs are a great alternative to water balloons.....and you'll use less water and no messy balloon bits to pick up.

You can use them anywhere. In the playroom, in the garden, in the pool ..... wet or dry. It is really, really funny to play with it ...... by the way its also something for adults :-)

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Step 1: You Need

- Rubber bands

- Knife or cutter

- Sponges

Step 2: Start

Take 3 sponges and cut off the pot cleaner side ( the metal one....u know,what I mean)

Step 3: Stripes

Now: Cut the sponges into stripes.....

Step 4: Tower

Build a little tower with the sponge stripes ( 3 x 3 or something like this)

Step 5: Bundle Up

Bundle up the stripes and tie it together....using a rubber band...


Have fun....and a good time :-D

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