DIY Water Bottle Rocket

This water bottle rocket is a funway to pass time in the summer. Enojoy ! =)

Step 1: You Will Need

- Some cartoon

- Something light like a plastic bag

- Any type of tape

- Two empty water bottles

- A marker (optional)

- Scissors

- Some yarn or string

- Strong plastic like a piece of a folder that you don't use

- Paint

- Your brain & some creativity

Step 2: Cutting and Taping

Take one of the bottles and cut out about half of it. Then tape the bottom of cut bottle to the bottom of the other bottle just like shown in the pictures. Make sure they are lined up well.

Step 3: Fins

Here is where the cartoon pieces come into place. Sketch the desired shape of the fins then cut three equal pieces out. You can also cut a bend in the fin if your bottle is kinda round then stick them all equally spaced on the bottom of the rocket (Bottle).

Step 4: Parachute Step 1

Now take the plastic bag and cut out a big circle. I suggest you to cut it as big as you can, much bigger than in the picture.

Step 5: Parachute Step 2

Now pock 4 holes on the sides of the parachute for the pieces of yearn to go in. When the pieces go in tie them to the parachute so they would fall off. Then tie one big knot at the end just like in the picture. You can always use some tape for the parts accidently turned off, which is what I did. But make sure the parachute is not too heavy so it would work.

Step 6: Parachute Step 3

Take the knot that you tied at the end of the parachute and stick it inside the half bottle part of the rocket with some tape.

Step 7: Parachute Step 4

Fold up your parachute until you can put it in the half bottle part of the rocket easily.

Step 8: Rocket Cone Step 1

Now use th harder plastic and cut out a circle. The size of the circle should be a little bigger than the curent top of the rocket.

Step 9: Rocket Cone Step 2

Mark the center of the circle then cut a straight line from the outside to the center. Fold the plastic around until you get the desired shape and size of the cone then use some tape to keep it that way.

Step 10: Rocket Cone Step 3

Now, this step is optional but just in case the parachute doesn't come out on it's own you can tape one end of a new piece of yarn to the inside of the cone and the other on the parachute. This will help the parachute come out when it's falling.

Step 11: Pianting

This step is optional too. But if you want to make your rocket all cool for the summer, this is where you will need your brain and creativity. =D

To test the rocket you can use an air machine or just drop it from a high building.

Hope you Enjoyed !



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