DIY Water Candle, Low Cost!!!




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This cheap water candle is easy to make.. this can be use for Halloween decoration, and can be a lighting setup for a dinner and for the bedtime. This water candle will last for long time as long as the oil has in it.

Step 1: Prepare All the Materials

  • glass
  • wick
  • transparent sheet
  • edible oil
  • water
  • scissor
  • food color (optional)
  • small marble balls (optional)

You may use different cooking oil(i used vegetable oil,) the size of the wick is not that matter as long as the wick touches the oil it will work. You may use plastic bottle for transparent sheet. food color and marbles will give some touches in the eye :D

note: do not use highly flammable products.

Step 2: The Wick :D

  • cut a small circle on the plastic sheet and make a hole in the center (this plastic sheet will float if we put this in the water, we need this to hold the wick in the center)
  • place the wick in the small hole (make sure the hole has an exact wide of the wick, so it will hold the wick)

Step 3: Putting All Together!!!

  • get the glass and put the marbles
  • add the water then the oil (the oil will probably not mix in the water so it will stay under the water)
  • next add the plastic sheet ( dip the plastic sheet in the oil so that it doesn't burn)

Get your matches and give it a try :D

Sorry for the low quality of my camera :'D

Thank you for checking this I hope you guys like it and God bless :D

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    1 year ago

    Too cool. I'm wondering if one can get away with mixing the edible oil with an essential oil?

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    i never been try that but i think that might work, if you mix some essential oil and edible oil it can give some aromatic smell that's great :D