DIY Water Marble Keys- Don't Get Confused Again





Introduction: DIY Water Marble Keys- Don't Get Confused Again

Have you ever got confused with the keys? They are all the same and you don't know which one is the good one and you have to prove all until you find the correct.
With this instructable you'll learn a method to differentiate and decorate your keys.
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Step 1: Materials

You'll need:
-A key
-A glass with water at room temperature
-A cotton swab
-White nail polish
-More than two nail polishes of the colour of your choice
-Clear nail polish

Step 2: Prepare the Key

With the white nail polish paint the key (just the upper part) so that the marble design sticks well on the key.It doesn't have to be perfect, remember this is the undercoat. Let it dry.

Step 3: The Marble Design

Take the glass with water and with the nail polish put some dots.This dots will expand.Do the same with the rest of the colours. With the toothpicks mix the colours until you like the design. Remember to do it slowly.

When you have the design take the key and introduce the white part in the centre of the colours. While the key is inside take the cotton swab with the other hand and remove excess.Take the key out of the water and let it dry.

Step 4: Final Result

With the toothpicks make the hole of the key.Then with the clear nail polish paint the key again to protect the design. Let it dry and now it's ready to use.



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    9 Discussions

    What do i do if the polish sinks in the water?

    Thank you for the answers I've gotten. For some reason (technical glitch), I've not been able to send you a reply to say that, so I'll say it here hoping that you see it. Thanks to all!!

    It's gonna come off soooo quick =(

    What's needed is a durable, super-resistant clear coat.
    But yeah, the swirly patterns you achieve with this are quite nice, thanks!

    4 replies

    The polish/paint will chip or rub off no matter what you use. However: Rough up the surface with some coarse steel wool until it's dull, then clean with dishwashing detergent and dry thoroughly. Avoid getting oils from your fingers on it after that. Get some metal primer from the hardware store, hobby store, automotive store, or paint store. Tape off the business end of the key and give it a bunch of fine coats (3-6 depending on the type). They don't need to totally cover the metal each time, it'll build up and be much stronger. For color you can try miniature paints from the hobby store, nail polish, oil based enamel from the hardware store, or touch up paint from the auto-parts store, in ascending order of durability. I'd try nail polish if I already had it. You can get clear coats from all of the same places, though I'd be inclined to experiment with a self adhesive phone screen protector film.

    If you want it to be resistant to scratching, I'd go with a resin coat. Epoxy is cheap, and should set pretty hard. You can also polish it for a nice shine :)


    To make it last longer you can give it once a month(or as long as you feel necesary) another coat of clear coat. If you don't do this as you have said, the design will disappear so when you consider you can use nail polish remover to clean the key and then paint it again with other colours.

    Awesome! Finally, a chance to use my mom's brightly colored nail polish!

    Sopt on!!!...I like your idea. Always I paint the keys with nail polish, but I will do it now to look like marble, it's will be more original ?

    Thank you!!!