DIY Watercolor Card




Intro: DIY Watercolor Card

Hi everyone! Here is a perfect example of how you make something out of nothing! I was just doodling with my water color markers and I ended up turning it into a really awesome card! If you want to see it come together scroll down for instructions or you can click on my video and watch it too!

Step 1: Supplies

  • card stock
  • water color pens
  • washi tape
  • stickers
  • scissors
  • other embellishments
  • glue

Step 2: How To

  • Decorate the card stock to your hearts desire! Doodle, scribble, make a mess of things you know?!
  • Cut out a shape (I chose a heart) from a section of your design
  • Fold the shape so half is on the front of the car and half is on the back
  • Decorate with washi tape and stickers!
  • A great way to personalize birthday cards =)

Step 3: Follow Me Places!

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  • Facebook: Sweetblyss
  • Instrucables: Sweetblyss



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    3 Discussions

    Alison Paris

    3 years ago on Introduction

    Please would you tell me what Type of PaperCardboard ~ that you used - so as the acrylic paints did not run ~ Thanks I loved your design - Alison { Paris }

    2 replies

    Hi Alison! I used card stock for the paper. Its a thick paper and comes in lots of colors. Thanks so much I am glad you liked it!


    Hello and thanks for your early reply. I have been to our Art Shop and they did not understand " Card Stock " ~~ Maybe Bundaberg is behind the times !!!
    Thanks again ~ hoping you are having a great day with lots of smiles.
    Cheers Alison { Paris }