DIY Watercolor Christmas Card Tutorial / Kid & Cat Wait Santa Claus



Introduction: DIY Watercolor Christmas Card Tutorial / Kid & Cat Wait Santa Claus

About: Hello there! I'm Francesca and I love drawing... that's why I started to share my passion with all of you with speed paintings and tutorials. I hope to inspire your artistic creations with my Instructables! :)

Hi, in this Instructable I will shoe you how to draw and paint a cute Christmas card using watercolors.

NOTE: Please watch the video to understand the drawing and painting process step by step.

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Step 1: Materials

Here's the list of materials needed.

I personally used watercolor inks but you can obviously use traditional watercolors as well.

Step 2: Drawing + Inking

First draw a grid in one half of the sheet (it will be the cover of the card):

vertical lines distance -> 2.5 cm

horizontal lines distance -> 5.0 cm

Once you have done, draw the little girl, the cat and the background.

The drawing is completed, so you just need to ink the lines and erase the pencil strokes.

Step 3: Painting the First Layer

Paint first layer of paint using wet on wet technique: wet the paper using water and then paint over it.

It creates a soft effect that is perfect for painting the starry sky.

Let it dry.

Step 4: Second Layer of Paint

Paint the girl using a little bit of green and blue. Use a similar color to paint the cat and trees.

Once paint dried, apply a darker layer of paint on the silhouettes of the girl and the cat.

Let it dry.

Step 5: White Paint

Apply some splashes of white paint to represent snow and stars.

Add reflections with white gel pen.

Refine the black lines that were covered by the white paint.

Step 6: End

Enjoy your card.


-{ Merry Christmas everyone! }-


NOTE: If you haven't done it already, please watch the video of to fully understand all the steps of the tutorial.

Ciao! :)

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